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‘You are completely and utterly useless’: Ray Hadley’s message to Telstra CEO

Ray Hadley is fed up with Telstra’s offshore call centres which have left many Australians with unfixed problems after experiencing long wait times.

Small business owner Jeff has contacted Ray and says Telstra has failed to reconnect his phone lines for a whole month.

“I am constantly talking to a foreign call centre that has no idea and does not seem to care of how long this takes,” he writes.

Ray is sympathetic to Jeff’s plight as he’s experienced these problems himself.

A Telstra technician came to his house to fix his internet connection and even he had trouble getting through to the foreign call centre.

Now, Ray’s had enough.

“I don’t want to get another text message from the CEO of Telstra saying, ‘Ray I’ve heard your complaints’.

“You are completely and utterly useless.

“What about giving the people of Australia Telstra, some bloody service?

“What about perhaps, at some cost to your company, having call centres in Australia manned by people who know what they’re talking about, so that even your technicians can explain to them what they require to be done without a language barrier, what about that?”

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