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Yet another nation moves to ban Muslim face veils

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Denmark has moved to ban the wearing of Muslim face veils in public, saying the garment is inconsistent with their values.

The Scandinavian nation joins 13 other countries who have already outlawed the burqa and niqab.

Under the new laws, women wearing the Muslim garments could be slapped with a fine of $200 and ordered to leave the public space.

A fourth violation reaps a penalty of up to $2,075.

Chris Smith is questioning why a similar ban isn’t being debated in Australia.

“Why can’t we look at… at least putting it on the agenda here?

“The burqa and the niqab represent the rejection of our values.

“I’m sick and tired of hearing ignorant politicians like George Brandis saying it’s a religious garment, you’re being discriminatory.

“It’s primitive, it’s intimating and it’s certainly misogynistic.”

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