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Writing skills on the decline – are parents to blame?

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Student writing skills have fallen to the lowest levels since NAPLAN tests first started around a decade ago.

The release of this year’s NAPLAN results has found over one in five Year 9 students failed the writing tests. 

“How did we get to this?” asks Chris Smith

“Kids just don’t read enough books anymore.

“To be honest, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that as less and less kids read books, their writing skills slip.”

Literacy expert and National President of the Australian Literacy Educators’ Association, Professor Beryl Exley, agrees with Chris.

“I think that’s a very accurate observation.”

Ms Exley says parents need to do more for their kids and rely less on the teachers.

“It’s a funny situation between parents and schools in Australia.

“Parents are also handing the responsibility over to schools for more and more”.

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Listener, Jodie, called in to voice her outrage at a recent experience with a school counsellor who told her to forget the basics if you want to get “more bang for your buck” with students.

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