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Women’s Safety NSW pushes for reform over AVOs

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Women’s Safety NSW is calling for a more consistent approach to managing Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs) in the wake of the death of a woman in Sydney’s south this week.

Police confirmed Linda Greenwood, who was found dead in the driveway of her Como apartment block, had an AVO against the man arrested over death.

CEO Hayley Foster told Deborah Knight there was no “single solution” or answer to tackling the scourge of domestic violence, but there were a number of evidence based solutions.

She said it was “very common” for the organisation to hear of numerous breaches of an AVO before any action is taken.

“We know we need to look at making AVOs and civil protection orders more effective … they are and can be very effective.

“We need them to be more consistently and reliably enforced both through police and the courts.”

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