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Will overdevelopment cost Gladys Berejiklian the next election?

Sydney is clogged; our roads, our transport, our schools and our hospitals.

To combat huge immigration levels, the government has allowed developers to go into overdrive.

High rise towers are going up all over the place, not just in the city but in our suburbs too.

Waterloo, in Sydney’s inner suburbs, has between 20 to 30 high rises with a density of 70,000 people per square kilometre.

That’s more than any area in London.

The issue is, infrastructure isn’t anywhere close to keeping up with demand.

Former North Sydney mayor Genia McCaffery says she’s over it and believes voters need to get rid of the Coalition at the next election.

Ms McCaffery tells Alan Jones she’s not being a NIMBY (Not In My Backyard), but she’s concerned for all Sydneysiders.

“People are just disturbed.

“In North Sydney and St Leonards we’ve seen buildings 10 and 12 times the height control.

“How can the infrastructure keep up.”

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