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Will One Nation’s support get company tax cuts over the line?

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The Turnbull government’s plan to cut company tax rats from 30% to 25% over the next decade is one step close to becoming a reality.

This week the Business Council of Australia’s leadership and 10 chief executives of top Australian companies pledged they’d deliver wage rises and higher investment in Australia if the cuts are passed.

The Coalition needs nine crossbenchers to get its plan through parliament and today it’s reported One Nation has locked in its support in exchange for a new apprenticeship program.

Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar is quietly optimistic but tells Chris Kenny he’s not celebrating just yet.

“I wouldn’t be brave enough to say anything’s locked in.

“You can’t… claim that anyone’s locked in until the moment in which they enter the Senate chamber and vote.”

Mr Sukkar says the US has reaped the benefits of their significant corporate tax cuts.

“You almost immediately saw large employers, large retailers in the US giving one-off bonuses and permanent increases in employees’ rates.”

It’s likely we’ll have an answer by next week.

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