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Will he be saved? Senator Jim Molan to meet with Prime Minister in ‘immediate future’

Liberal Senator Jim Molan will meet Prime Minister Scott Morrison in the “immediate future” to address his position in the party.

The retired major general has missed out on a safe Senate spot at the next election, relegated to third place on the NSW Senate ticket for the Liberals.

Just this week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison called for the use of emergency powers to help save conservative backbencher Craig Kelly from a pre-selection battle.

Despite intervention from Malcolm Turnbull, the Liberal Party State Executive voted in favour of Mr Morrison’s wishes.

When asked whether the Prime Minister will save him, Senator Molan says he “doesn’t know”.

“Looking at the mechanism of how he might intervene on my behalf is totally different from the way he’s intervened on Craig Kelly’s behalf.

“I think Craig is a man that must be saved but, of course, there were three others who were endorsed without a preselection.”

Senator Molan says he’ll be meeting with the Prime Minister in the “immediate future” to address the issue.

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The Liberal Senator also says he’s “very happy” with new rules in the Liberal Party that’ll make it harder to topple a sitting Prime Minister.

In the future, two-thirds of the party would need to vote for a spill in order to get rid of a sitting leader.

Senator Molan says “it’s a very, very good move”.

“We’re sending a signal to the people saying, ‘You vote for us, you know this man or this woman and they will remain for that period of time'”.