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Why this pet adoption agency is removing ALL breed names from its website

A leading pet adoption agency is removing all breed names from their website in the hope people will adopt pets based on who they are, not what they are.

PetRescue CEO Vickie Davy told Alan Jones she started the site, which works “a bit like a dating agency website”, to give people better access to the thousands of pets available for adoption across Australia.

Now, in an Australian first, those looking to adopt won’t be told if a dog is a labrador or a cat is a Burmese, but will instead be asked to look at the animal’s personality.

‘Love knows no breed’ is the site’s new motto, with Ms Davy telling Alan “there are so many of these wonderful rescue pets across the country”.

“People just didn’t know anything about them. They didn’t know they were there, because there’s a huge amount of pets who are living in foster care.”

This Saturday, February 9, is National Pet Adoption Day, where you can meet hundreds of rescue animals at over 100 PETstock pet shops all over the country.

“The website is fantastic and it’s a great place to go, but we’re really hoping that people will come down to the National Pet Adoption Day because there’s nothing better than meeting them in the very flesh.”

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