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Why Sydney will ‘never, ever’ have a congestion tax

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Transport Minister Andrew Constance says Sydney will never have a congestion tax as an answer to the city’s congestion woes. 

Speaking to Jim Wilson about the long-awaited opening of the NorthConnex project, he said his government was “concerned” about the impact of tolls on the community.

It was revealed the 8 minute trip will cost $7.99 for cars and $23.97 for trucks and buses, both ways.

“I’ve never seen so much anticipation about a road opening as this one,” he said.

“I know across government we are very concerned about the cost of living for people, and tolls are no different in that regard.

“Over my dead body will we ever see this … but a lot of global cities have a congestion tax, we will never ever see that in Sydney, because of the toll network.

“I think tolls at least give us infrastructure and a private operator [to] maintain it over a period of time, and you finance it that way accordingly.”

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