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‘Why has it taken so long?’ Chris Smith rips in to sluggish action of grocery giants

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Supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths have agreed to add a levy to milk to support drought-stricken farmers, but Chris Smith is questioning what’s taken so long.

Next month, Woolworths will intorduce a drought branded milk in one, two and three litres varities, with the money going to farmers doing it tough.

Coles will only add a levy to three litre milk.

But the decision comes weeks after the idea of a milk levy was raised by a dairy industry group, which sparked the public to get on board.

Chris says neither Coles or Woolworths deserve “too much congratulations” for finally making the move.

“Why has it taken so long? If they really cared about the farmers they would have responded to the call and made the announcement straight away.

“They can make decisions at a corporate level very quickly.”

Chris says this corporate decision goes much deeper than just helping our farmers.

“The price of milk is the key to snagging the masses.

“The biggest numbers of grocery shoppers will go where the milk is cheap… that’s why they all flog it at a dollar a litre. Far too reduced for the farmer’s good.

“What I read into this, is this is about a standoff between two corporate giants who had to create a joint intent in order to bring it on.”

He says we shouldn’t be raining praise on these “greedy grocery giants” because they should have introduced a drought levy “three weeks ago”.

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