Whistleblowers claim Westmead boss ‘misled’ 2GB about hospital backlog

A whistleblower has revealed to Ray Hadley the backlog at Westmead Hospital was not cleared as quickly as the hospital would like us to believe.

Ray revealed 60 patients were left waiting for beds in Westmead’s Emergency Department (ED) after the hospital hit capacity at 10.30am on Tuesday.

By 2.45pm, the Director of Westmead’s ED Dr Matthew Vukasovic told Steve Price the backlog had mostly been cleared.

“They’ve opened up all the spare spaces in Westmead, and a lot of these patients who were waiting have been found beds.”

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But Ray has been told by a reliable source there were still 40 people waiting for beds at the time Dr Vukasovic gave that interview.

He also revealed a critically ill elderly man, who was suffering from pneumonia-like symptoms, needed to be intubated in an ambulance because there were no beds available.

“Unfortunately he’s been misled, therefore he misled us.”

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EXCLUSIVE | 60 patients left waiting as Westmead Hospital hits capacity