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Taxi horror stories

Know your rights around taxis with these tips and tricks.

Can a taxi driver refuse a fare after you tell them your destination? Can they charge up front? Can they ask for a tip?

Michael McLaren’s speaks with Nick Abrahim,┬áDeputy CEO of the NSW Taxi Council, about passengers’ rights when it comes to cabs.

“Taxi drivers are not allowed to discriminate based on the size of fares. We want those cases to be reported.

“It isn’t in the spirit of customer service for a driver to refuse any fair, full stop. Those sort of drivers tarnish the great work taxi drivers are doing out there.”

Nick also commented on whether taxi drivers can ask for a fare up-front.

“Taxi drivers can ask for a pre-payment but there is a process to that. If the driver has taken more than what the actual fare is then the driver is required to refund the amount.”

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Michael McLaren