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What Paul Keating would do if he was Prime Minister today

Former prime minister Paul Keating has revealed what he would prioritise if he was in charge of our country today.

He joined Alan Jones in-studio for an extended interview, where he discussed financial policy and how he would handle the current political climate.

Mr Keating tells Alan there are two things he would do if he was in Scott Morrison’s place.

He also commented on the government’s determination to take the budget back into surplus.

“I think what Peter [Costello] has done, he’s put the surplus virus into the Liberal Party bloodstream, and now they can’t get away from it. 

“The budget of the Commonwealth of Australia is not like the budget of a corner shop, that you must, in the end, be able to close the door on Friday night and be in surplus.

“The Commonwealth can create money, it can borrow money, it can tax people for money. In other words, it’s a variable financial instrument.”

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