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What makes a killer? A forensic psychologist gives us the answers

Forensic psychologist Bradley Jones has more than 20 years of experience. He’s worked in law enforcement, criminal justice and NSW corrective services.

His focus within psychology delves into the minds of criminals, and Jones tells 2GB’s Chris Smith, “We do our best to interpret people’s behaviour in the context of offending.”

Working with an array of criminals, Jones tells of a particular time he feared for his life.

“One of the most fascinating individuals I think I’ve had to speak with was someone who came to my office.

“The individual went into a psychotic episode. The voices she was communicating with were telling her to stab me.”

So what really makes a person disturbed enough to kill another? It brings back the age old question; is it nature or nurture?

“I think biologically some people are more predisposed to engage in certain behaviours depending on the influence of the environment in which they live.

“As to whether someone’s truly born bad, I’m not a believer in that.”

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