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What exactly will happen to the long abandoned Leagues club?

This week, the cash-strapped Balmain Leagues Club has received a “cash injection” to help keep it afloat and stop them from going into voluntary administration.

The developer, Heworth, has been providing the club with financial support and say they’re committed to “bringing the Balmain Tigers back to Rozelle”.

Heworth plans to revamp the decaying Balmain Leagues site into a 12-storey apartment complex, with a new Tigers club area as the centrepiece.

Inner West Mayor, Darcy Byrne, tells Chris Smith “this is a very long saga”, with the process being dragged out due to “a whole series of unfortunate coincidences”.

“The previous owner of the site who I, to put it politely, had many and very strong disputes with, had the club over a barrel.

“They have incurred very large debts to that owner.

“The bottom line is we’ve got a new owner of the site who has put forward what I think is a much better proposal than anything that we’ve seen in the past.”

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