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‘What a low mongrel you are’: Ben slams billionaire for low blow attack on hero cave diver

Billionaire technology magnate Elon Musk is in hot water after labelling a hero British diver involved in the rescue of 12 Thai soccer players and their coach, a pedophile.

The extraordinary low-blow came after UK-based diver Vern Unsworth criticised Musk for trying to intervene in the rescue.

The billionaire said a submarine he designed could have helped save the trapped team, but Unsworth refuted the claim saying it had “no chance” of working and was “just a PR stunt”.

Unsworth is now considering taking legal action after Musk described the heroic diver as a “pedo” on Twitter.

Ben Fordham has slammed the business magnate for “one of the lowest attacks in the world”.

“Elon Musk labelled this rescuer a pedophile just because he criticised the billionaire’s rescue submarine.

“He didn’t call him an idiot, he didn’t call him a fool, he called him a pedo. The most serious accusation you can make.”

With Musk so keen to throw insults around, Ben says he’s happy to return the favour.

“Elon, you must be one of the most delicate snowflakes on earth if you can’t handle a dose of reality and just a hint of criticism.

“And by labelling an innocent man a child abuser, you’ve obviously got something seriously wrong with your soul.

“What a low mongrel you are, you gutless coward.”

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