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Western Australia road trip: Check out wineries of the south west!

western australia road trip
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The Margaret River wine region is world renowned and with good reason.

And it’s right on your doorstep!

Western Australia may be huge in size, but the South West wine region is just a small road trip away from Perth.

You’ll have plenty of time for breakfast in the morning before jumping in the car to comfortably make a lunch booking at one of the estates.

And once you’re there, you won’t want to leave.

The region is home to more than 217 vineyards and 187 wineries – yes, you read correctly! – which produces roughly 25 per cent of Australia’s premium wine.

The options are endless, but not overwhelming.

Some of the original Margaret River wineries still in operation today include Vasse Felix, Leeuwin Estate, Moss Wood, Cape Mentelle and Cullen.

Cullen is a must visit.

Wills Domain, meanwhile, is simply stunning. The food there is also incredible, with locally sourced produce that in many cases can’t be found anywhere else.

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The consistent climate, often compared with the Mediterranean, means the South West is one of the most reliable sources of wine anywhere in the world.

There’s rarely a bad crop.

And the early tip is this year’s may just be the best yet, due to excellent recent conditions.

Wine not necessarily your thing? Never fear.

Alongside the wineries, there are stacks of restaurants and boutique breweries (Eagle Bay Brewery, pictured below, is well worth a look).

Enjoying a drink while relaxing and enjoying this glorious sunset is a real highlight!

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Darren James has been exploring the sights of Western Australia, thanks to Tourism WA.

western australia road trip