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‘We’re going to get really dark!’: Controversial Outsiders team up for new show

Rowan Dean and Ross Cameron have teamed up for one of the most “controversial” shows on television, The Outsiders.

The divisive pair, who previously did the program with Mark Latham, has taken the reigns and will cover all things politics – the correct and incorrect – and more.

“We’ve been waiting for this,” Rowan tells Ben Fordham.

“We put the after dark into Sky News After Dark, so now we’re going to get really dark!”

While the duo has no doubt upset a few people before, Ross says they’re at “the bullseye of community sentiment”.

“The point is… we just say what we think. We say what we think is common sense… and people seem to like that,” says Rowan.

“It’s like you Ben, with your show. You tell it how you think it, how you feel it. And that’s what people want to hear because they’re fed up.”

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You can see Rowan and Ross on The Outsiders Monday to Thursday on Sky News at 11pm.