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‘We’re going backwards’: Anna Wood’s father calls for tougher penalties for drug dealers

The father of the 15-year-old girl who died from ecstasy has slammed the lack of penalties for drug dealers.

A coronial inquest is being held into the drug-related deaths of six people at NSW music festivals over the last two years.

The inquest heard up to 90 per cent of young people at festivals have taken drugs.

The father of Anna Wood, who died in 1995 after taking MDMA tablets at a Sydney rave, says society is only going backwards since his daughter’s death.

Tony Wood tells Merrick Watts there need to be harsher penalties for drug dealers.

“We’re going backwards, there’s no doubt about that.

“This whole situation is out of control because we’re getting to the kids when they’re at the bottom of the cliff, we should get them at the top with education.

“Because we tolerate what’s going on, we’re going to keep getting it.”

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