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‘We’re choking in our own traffic’: Minister wants population back on the agenda

A senior state government minister is calling for a “mature” debate about population growth, as development ramps up in his electorate.

Finance Minister Victor Dominello says his electorate of Ryde is seeing “massive, rampant over-development”.

Ryde has a five-year housing target of 7,600, while Hunters Hill has a goal of 150.

Mr Dominello says it’s “ridiculous”, telling Alan Jones immigration¬†needs to be on the federal government’s agenda.

“Quite frankly, we’re choking in our own traffic,” he says.

“If we do not have a discussion about population growth, how on earth are we going to build all the infrastructure we need to house these people?”

The state’s finance minister is pushing for a “pause” on development, so his electorate can catch up.

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