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‘We’ll be marked down by the public’: Liberal MP urges calm as PM faces rolling resignations

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The Prime Minister is facing rolling resignations from his frontbench, as he clings on to his leadership.

In a tight contest with Peter Dutton today, Malcolm Turnbull clung on to the top job.

But those who backed his tilt are starting to quit their frontbench positions with junior ministers including Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar and James McGrath offering their resignations.

Angus Taylor has quit his job as Cyber Security Minister and Concetta Fierravanti-Wells has quit her Pacific Affairs role.

Minister for Small and Family Business Craig Laundy isn’t among those retreating from the Prime Minister, saying he is firmly in Malcolm Turnbull’s “camp”.

“There’s been an instance where a strong number up there have been spooked by, I would argue, the Longman by-election,” he tells Ross Greenwood.

“On the flip side of the coin, it’s one thing being popular in Queensland, it’s another thing being popular in the states and territories in the country and that’s the challenge.

“You’re the Prime Minister of the whole country, not just Queensland.”

Minister Laundy is urging for calm, saying the results will be catastrophic for the Liberal Party if internal leadership disputes continue.

“If we keep arguing and fighting amongst ourselves two things will happen.

“We’ll be marked down by the public and mate, so we should be.”

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Liberal MP and former whip to Tony Abbott, Scott Buchholz, is staying tight-lipped on where his allegiances lie but tells Ross disunity within the party is “unhelpful”.

“It’s not helpful and I think one of the things that absolutely unites both sides of the camp is reminding the Australian public about how dangerous a Labor-led government is.”

On the issue of resignations being handed to the Prime Minister in the wake of the spill, the Member for Wright says ministers who’ve voted against their leader have a duty to do so.

“If you cannot support the leader and you are serving in the Ministry, the Cabinet, or the outer Cabinet, the convention is that you offer your resignations.”

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