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Welfare rorter ripped off government to the tune of $800,000

Chris Kenny
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The government is cracking down on Australians taking the welfare system for a ride, charging rorters interest on debt if they don’t enter a payment plan.

$900 million has been racked up with around 170,000 people making false welfare claims.

Human Services Minister Michael Keenan reveals one person deliberately ripped off the government to the tune of $800,000.

Now, the government’s saying no more.

“If you’ve got more money than you’re entitled to, then we will make sure that that is returned to the taxpayer,” the Minister tells Chris Kenny.

He says the government will adopt a “zero tolerance” approach and private debt collectors will be called in extreme cases.

“The welfare system works on a trust basis in many ways.

“If you have been lying to us we will find out over time.”

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