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‘Welcome back to reality’: Qantas CEO finally talks sense

Alan Jones has praised Qantas CEO Alan Joyce for finally talking some sense on climate change hysteria.

Mr Joyce has spoken out against climate activists who “flight shame” people for choosing to travel by air.

It comes after the French government announced an ‘eco-tax’ on all flights leaving French airports.

He says if we don’t stop this climate change hysteria it could take the world back to the 1920s.

But Alan Jones says it’s people like the Qantas CEO, who has demonised coal in the past, that are responsible for this lunacy.

“Alan, do you know that people actually can’t afford, tomorrow when it’s freezing, to turn the heater on? They can’t afford the electricity bill.

“Are you waking up to the fact that there are downsides to jumping on every trendy, progressive bandwagon and positioning yourself as the corporate darling of the left?

“Alan, you’ve had your head in the clouds for too long. Welcome back to reality.”

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Image: Getty/Brendon Thorne