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This unbelievable ad is calling for more taxes

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Australians pay taxes on pretty much everything.

We pay income tax, GST, the 2% Medicare levy.

We pay taxes on alcohol, on cigarettes, even on the bottled drinks we buy thanks to the Return and Earn scheme.

“I reckon it’s fair to say we’re drowning in tax,” Chris Smith says.

But apparently, we aren’t paying enough of it according to a full-page ad from the Australia Institute in the Sydney Morning Herald today.

“Australia needs more tax, not less” it reads loud and clear.

The people who’ve put their signatures to the cause? Union boss Sally McManus and former Labor minister Greg Combet just to name a couple.

Chris has absolutely unleashed on the spread, saying this is far from a laughing matter.

“We shouldn’t laugh. We should almost cry. This is obviously what’s going to happen after the next election when Bill Shorten becomes Prime Minister.

“Hardworking Australians are going to be slugged with tax after tax after tax. Because this is their only creative way of generating more revenue.

“These people… they don’t give a rats about reckless spending.”

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