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‘We need to move hard and fast’: NSW Treasurer promises immediate support during coronavirus crisis

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet insists the coronavirus stimulus package will provide immediate support to the community.

Under the $2.3 billion stimulus package announced today, NSW Health will receive an extra $700 million funding boost.

The remaining $1.6 billion will be aimed at keeping people in jobs throughout the crisis.

The NSW and Federal governments were criticised in the past for a slow rollout of bushfire support after the unprecedented crisis.

But Mr Perrottet tells Deborah Knight they will not repeat mistakes from the past and will provide immediate support.

“We don’t have time to wait here, we need to move hard and fast.

“This package was all about making sure it was timely, targeted, but at the same time, temporary.

“By the time this virus is through I really do believe that NSW will be positioned to come out even stronger than ever before.”

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Image: Getty/Mark Metcalfe