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‘We have a Prime Minister in office, but not in power’

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There is mounting speculation Malcolm Turnbull could face a fresh challenge to his leadership, possibly before the end of the day.

Peter Dutton’s backers spent the night rallying support for a special party room meeting before parliament rises for the next fortnight.

His supporters want him to challenge the Prime Minister again, believing he has the numbers to seize the top job.

Mr Dutton needed to secure 43 signatures to call the special meeting of the parliamentary party, but at the 11th hour, some weren’t prepared to sign without seeing the names of those who had already signed the petition.

Some Liberal MPs are pushing for the party to move on, and accept the result of Tuesday’s leadership ballot.

Alan Jones says it’s “bewildering”.

“The voting public, they’re tired of it.

“It’s bewildering how someone would want to hang onto office when the bulk of the nation want him gone. But that is Malcolm Turnbull. All he ever wanted was the job… It was never about the party room, the nation or the prime ministership.

“We’ve now got a bloke hanging onto the most exhorted office in the country when he is conspicuously unwanted, damaging the office of prime minister, damaging his party and of course damaging the nation.

“Until the fine details are therefore worked out, and that may be today, we have a Prime Minister in office, but not in power.”

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Liberal MP Kevin Andrews tells Alan only two member signatures are required to request a party room meeting.

“This is obviously just a stalling tactic of the party of the Prime Minister not to have a meeting.

“The right and proper thing to do… would be to call a meeting.”

He says the tactic likely stems “from a fear that there may be a different to the one earlier in this week”.

The federal member for the Victorian seat of Menzies tells Alan he believes Mr Dutton “definitely” has more votes now than he did on Monday.

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