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‘We don’t really have a major issue’: Calls to double population

There are calls to more than double Australia’s population in order to expand the tax base and build further infrastructure.

Property advisor Dr Shane Geha says Australia should aim to have 60 million people by the year 2050.

The Federal Government has announced plans to reduce the annual migration intake and reduce congestion in major cities.

The proposed new cap brings the intake down to 160,000 which includes 23,000 people to live and work in regional areas.

But the founder of EG Advisory Dr Geha tells Ben Fordham more people need to be sent to Australian cities as opposed to regional areas.

“We have one of the least dense nations in the world… We don’t really have a major issue.

“Our cities still have an enormous capacity for additional population, that’s where the services are, that’s where the jobs are.”

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