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‘We don’t do enough’: Deputy Premier admits government’s failed bushfire prevention

The NSW Deputy Premier admits the government “don’t do enough hazard reduction” but is blaming the Greens for it.

As more than 140 fires continue to burn across the state, questions are being raised about why they’re so severe.

The left of politics says it’s climate change but the right says it’s down to massive fuel loads which haven’t been burnt off.

Deputy Premier John Barilaro claims it’s a result of Greens ideology.

“I think all governments have been guilty of pampering to the Greens for the last two decades.

“We’ve allowed them to stop us from hazard reduction, from burning the fuel of the forest floors… and we haven’t done it. We just haven’t done it.

“We’ve got to do better and I know that we don’t do enough hazard reduction… because of the ideological position from the Greens.”

Alan Jones questions how the government can blame a fringe party for dictating state policy.

“But they’re a minority outfit!” says Alan.

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The NSW Mid North Coast has been one of the hardest-hit areas, with dozens of fires tearing through the region.

Mid Coast Mayor David West has been extremely vocal in calling for greater hazard reduction burns outside of the bushfire season, saying the military should be called in to help.

Speaking with Alan Jones, Mr West says he’s “fed up” with the issue being politicised.

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