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‘We are worried’: Transport chief concerned ahead of Light Rail launch

The state’s transport chief admits authorities are worried about safety ahead of this weekend’s Sydney Light Rail launch.

The multi-billion-dollar project opens on Saturday, with trams now running from Circular Quay to Randwick.

Cars are now banned on George Street with pedestrians and trams sharing the large open boulevard in the city.

There are serious concerns for pedestrians walking while looking at their phones and listening to music.

Transport NSW Coordinator-General Marg Prendergast tells Steve Price they are doing everything possible to keep the public is safe.

“Yeah, we are worried about pedestrians. Cyclists too.

“Safety’s been our number one priority.

“And the biggest issue we’re actually having on the light rail at the moment is cars coming across intersections.”

Steve Price says the infrastructure, including safety barriers and gutters, simply isn’t there.

“We will see someone seriously hurt,” says Steve.

“You might call them stupid, and they probably are, but they don’t deserve to be hurt.”

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The Health Services Union is equally concerned with the lockout laws to be scrapped in January.

The light rail will stop running at 1am each night, meaning the new infrastructure won’t do anything to disperse late-night crowds.

“It’s incredibly short-sighted that we’ll extend the drinking hours now but we’re not going to extend the transport so people can actually get home in a safe manner,” says Secretary Gerard Hayes.

He believes it’s only a matter of time before our emergency departments start filling up once again.

“I don’t only believe it, I can guarantee it.”

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