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WATCH | Victorian conspiracy theorist refuses to cooperate at police checkpoint

A woman has been filmed refusing to answer questions at a police checkpoint in Victoria.

Ray Hadley has condemned the actions of the young woman, who he has revealed is a Victorian conspiracy theorist.

The Melbourne woman deliberately set out to try to breach the police roadblock.

“She told her friends in the car, ‘let’s do it, let’s take them down’, before refusing to put her window down for the police officer,” said Ray.

“The copper says ‘can you wind the window down’ and she says ‘no, you can hear me’.

“I mean, just a dingbat!

“This woman … is naive, she’s stupid.

“I would be very disappointed if [Premier] Daniel Andrews doesn’t use … the situation today to illustrate just how dumb she is!”

Ray is also quick to point out this is not how the police should be handling this sort of situation.

“The copper out of frustration and stupidity, I might mention, just says ‘oh get going, go’.

“This is not how to handle it. If someone was to argue with you, get them out of the car, question them, and if you have to, put the cuffs on them.”

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