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WATCH | Police force welcomes furry new recruits

Eight German Shepherd puppies have become the NSW Police Force’s newest recruits.

The ‘B-litter’ – Bluey, Bonus, Bruno, Bane, Bailey, Bounty, Bindi and Bibi – were born on May 9 and will undergo 15-18 months of rigorous training before being inducted as qualified members of the Dog Unit.

Dog and Mounted Police Commander Superintendent Peter McErlain told Jim Wilson the new recruits will predominantly be used for tracking violent offenders, and cross-trained for drug detection when executing search warrants.

“They can be deployed from helicopters, they can be deployed out to sea, so they’re quite versatile.

“We’d like to have a 100 per cent graduation [rate], but … even if it’s 50 per cent that’s a great result.

“The dogs that don’t make it … usually end up with people from the Dog Unit, our handlers, and we have a list of people that are waiting to take police dogs that don’t make the grade.

“They go to great homes and they’re well looked after.”

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