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WATCH | Cyclist dances with death latching on to truck

Ben Fordham Exclusive

Listener Christian sent in this footage of two clowns on Warringah Road in Sydney’s north.

The video, filmed by his wife in the passenger seat, shows the cyclist in the left-hand lane, with no helmet, holding on to the truck driving next to it.

Christian tells Ben Fordham he saw the truck driver “laughing his head off”.

But then Bret rang in, the driver of the truck.

“Mate, I get a phone call from someone saying your truck’s on the Ben Fordham show, you’ve got some clown hanging off the back of it!

“That’s my truck buddy, I got no idea that guy was hanging off the back.

“Someone says that they seen me in the front of the truck laughing my head off, there’s no chance.

“If I was going to tow him up the hill I would’ve given him an invoice.”

Watch the unbelievable footage below

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Listen to Bret’s call below

Ben Fordham Exclusive