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Wallaby on the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Can you get any more Australian than this…

Just after 5 o’clock this morning, 2GB callers began reporting a kangaroo running along the main deck of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.

That’s right, our most iconic animal hopping along our most iconic landmark.

The marsupial was spotted in lane eight on the northern side of the bridge, having bounced on over from the nearby Cammeray Golf Course.

Police tracked the startled animal, confirmed as an adult male swamp wallaby, as it took a left on the Cahill Expressway and onto Macquarie Street.

Officers managed to apprehend the suspect and take it to Taronga Zoo to see a vet.



Click PLAY below to hear the startled callers first report the situation to 2GB Overnight’s host Natalie Peters.


Jesse was first on the phone with poor Nat left wondering if it was an early morning prank.

But then Ray backed up his claim, confirming the wallaby was in fact on the world’s most famous bridge.

“It was just standing there minding its own business with a police car there with flashing lights and everything.

“I’m from the bush, I’m used to seeing them running around all over the place but I’ve never seen one so close to the city before.”

Dean told Nat he even took a detour just to see if the reports were true.

“I was just about to get on the Sydney tunnel and I heard your report and thought nah, I’ve got to see this.

“Never seen anything like it. That’s Australia for you.”

Michelle called in quite upset, worried skippy was going to get hit by a car.

“Thanks for putting it out there too because the last thing you want is to hit a kangaroo.”


UPDATE | Taronga Zoo says the wallaby is in a serious but stable condition