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‘Wake up to yourselves!’: Ray Hadley shuts down calls to completely reopen

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Ray Hadley has torn shreds off any suggestion Australia should follow Texas’ lead and start widespread lifting of COVID-19 restrictions.

Off the back of calls from some listeners over the weekend to use the US state of Texas as an example of how Australia should reopen completely, Ray has completely dismissed the idea.

Ray pointed out when Texas opened on May 1 their COVID-19 cases skyrocketed back to levels they hadn’t seen since April.

“To all those people thumping their chests and saying to talkback radio hosts ‘let’s open the lot up, let’s go for gold’.

“Wake-up to yourselves! We’re in the middle of a pandemic!

“Yes, the economy will take decades perhaps to recover from all the money being spent to sustain people at the moment. But if you just open it up and say let’s get the herd immunity going… the cost to the economy will be five, ten, 15-fold.

“The damage to the economy will take even longer to recover.

“So, to those people saying ‘oh it’s only old ones dying, who cares?’… I care!

Ray admitted he doesn’t always see eye to eye with some politicians, but this pandemic goes across the political spectrum.

“All of them are working their guts out to make sure we are kept someway safe from harm, and we should be helping them not hindering them.

“We need to pause and start thinking a bit more clearly about it.”

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