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Vodafone joins The Big Dry drought appeal with significant donation

Vodafone is the latest major Australian corporation to get on board with The Big Dry Drought Appeal, announcing a significant donation to help our farmers.

Macquarie Media, Fairfax Media and Buy A Bale have launched the appeal as the drought across New South Wales and Queensland continues to worsen

So far, Racing NSW has committed a minimum of $130,000, Panthers Group has donated $100,000 and thousands of Australians have pledged their own hard-earned money to the cause.

Vodafone Chief Commercial Officer Ben McIntosh joins Ray Hadley to announce an immediate donation and plans for further support.

“How this came about was actually Sunday night we were watching TV and my wife, literally as she does, says to me, ‘hey mate, what are your lot doing?’.

“We’re all so busy. I’m a city guy but I’m very aware of what’s going on and I just hadn’t made the time to think about it.

“And I think, enough of that, we’re going to get onto it.

“What we’re going to do is make a donation for $30,000 immediately and then we’ve got a team of people here to work out what we can do ongoing.”

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The Big Dry Drought Appeal