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‘Veil of anonymity’: Calls to name offenders in Sydney’s worst rape cases

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The names of rapists in some of Sydney’s most horrific cases have not been made public, despite their release from jail.

Currently, the names of all juvenile offenders are suppressed and never revealed, even after they turn 18.

The 2005 murder of Tania Burgess sparked The Ben Fordham Show campaign to allow childhood offenders to be named once they reach adulthood.

Tania’s parents have started a petition to name their daughter’s killer, receiving more than 100,000 signatures.

Now Ben Fordham is highlighting two of Sydney’s most notorious rape cases where the offenders’ names have been concealed.

In 2002, four Pakistani brothers convicted of the Ashfield gang rapes were kept anonymous because two were underage.

Two of those men, now in their 30’s, have been released and are walking freely among us.

Similarly, two offenders in the horrific Skaf gang rapes have been released from jail with their identities protected.

Victim’s Advocate Howard Brown tells Ben Fordham these rapists must be named.

“We had a number of young girls… whose lives were changed… yet the people who were responsible for stripping those girls of their dignity walk around under this veil of anonymity and just don’t take responsibility for what they’ve done.

“The whole purpose of suppressing a juvenile’s name was to relate to minor offences.

“But of course, the way the legislation was drafted it applied to every offence.”

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