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‘Utterly ridiculous’: Minister blasts universities over far-left mentality

NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes has blasted our universities for encouraging a “far-left groupthink mentality”.

In a speech at the Centre for Independent Studies, Mr Stokes says “robust debate” has become almost non-existent in universities thanks to a rise in identity politics.

The Education Minister says “great speakers” from around the world are being banned from giving university talks because academics have labelled their views as “unacceptable”.

“My view is that’s utterly ridiculous,” Mr Stokes tells Ben Fordham.

“Universities are places where people should be free to speak their mind. That’s at the heart of academic freedom.”

Mr Stokes says we have “great universities” in this country and they have to be protected.

“We’ve got so much to protect… we need to call out when there are faculties seeking to limit debate.

“These ideas like trigger warnings. Frankly, if you’re concerned you’re going to be offended by views at university, then perhaps you should consider whether university is the right place for you to learn.”

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