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US rock band Twisted Sister ‘not gonna take’ Clive Palmer’s comeback attempt

American metal band Twisted Sister claim Clive Palmer has ripped off their hit single We’re Not Gonna Take It to advertise the United Australia Party.

In the United Australia Party’s advertisements, the lyrics “Australia ain’t gonna cop it, no Australia’s not gonna cop it, Aussies not gonna cop it anymore” are featured.

In the Twisted Sister original, the lyrics are “Oh we’re not gonna take it, no we ain’t gonna take it, oh we’re not gonna take it any more”.

Guitar player and manager Jay Jay French took to Twitter to say the band does not endorse Clive Palmer and has never heard of him.

Frontman Dee Snider also tweeted about the advertisments.

Mr Palmer has responded to the Tweets and has said that he wrote the lyrics and owns the copyright to them.

To find out what rights Mr Palmer has, Ross Greenwood speaks with Senior Partner at Macedone Legal, Sam Macedone.

“He’s trying to say that because his lyrics are ‘We’re not gonna cope it’ as opposed to ‘We’re not gonna stop it,’ that this is something unique. It isn’t. It’s a straight out copy.

“Without permission, he’s in breach of copyright and it will cost him dearly if he doesn’t stop using it.”

When it comes to Fair Use, Mr Macedone says that’s not the case here.

“Clive Palmer is attempting to use this for a commercial gain in respect to a political campaign… it’s not as if he’s singing it at a party.”

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Mr Palmer also spoke with Luke Grant, saying the advertisements are a parody, so he hasn’t done anything illegal.

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