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US car part tariffs threatening what’s left of Aussie manufacturing industry

There are concerns Australia’s manufacturing industry will be caught in the crossfire of another round of US tariffs on imported cars, trucks and car parts. 

The White House is considering tariffs of up to 25%, on the grounds of national security.

US President Donald Trump is trying to reduce the amount America relies on imported goods.

While we don’t manufacture cars in Australia anymore, we do manufacture car parts on a huge scale.

Executive Director of Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association, Stuart Charity tells Ben Fordham we could be affected.

“It’s quite alarming to be honest. At the moment there is a free trade agreement in place… the threat of a 25% tariff is a major blow for us.”

Australia’s manufacturing industry remains “vibrant” according to Mr Charity, and his company alone turns over $5 billion a year.

Mr Charity will be lobbying the government to make sure Australian interests are protected.

“We want to make sure we aren’t collateral damage caught in the cross-fire of a trade war.”

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