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UPDATE | Defence Force confirms brumby cull ‘substantially completed’

Macquarie National News

The controversial aerial cull of wild brumbies at the Singleton Army Base has gone ahead, despite community protests.

2GB listeners reported seeing helicopters in the air and hearing gunshots yesterday afternoon.

Now, the Defence Force has confirmed “control measures” have been “substantially completed”.

A herd of 150 wild brumbies has been living in the area, with Defence claiming the feral horses pose a risk to public safety and saying they are at risk themselves.

The cull had been delayed in recent days due to public outrage over the inhumane treatment of the animals.

However, a Department of Defence statement released on Thursday confirmed the cull has gone ahead.

“The Department of Defence has substantially completed the feral horse population control measures in the Singleton Military Training Area.

“Further verification will take place in the coming days before the measures are considered finalised.”

Activists have told 2GB they will continue to fight for the brumbies over the coming days, as the military wraps up the cull.

Hunter Valley Brumby Association President Kath Massey says they want to obtain video evidence that horses were injured, to prove the aerial cull was cruel and ineffective.



‘Nothing short of a massacre’: Aerial culling of wild brumbies goes ahead

Macquarie National News