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‘Nothing short of a massacre’: Aerial culling of wild brumbies goes ahead

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The aerial culling of 150 wild brumbies on the Singleton Army Base has reportedly gone ahead in the upper Hunter.

The Defence Department says the herd of feral horses poses a risk to public safety, as drought conditions could force them towards roads in search of food and water.

But members of the community have fought against the cull, including Upper Hunter MP Michael Johnsen.

On Monday, Mr Johnsen told Michael McLaren the aerial brumby killing was “unacceptable” and would cause the animals unnecessary suffering.

The cull was delayed but has gone ahead on Wednesday afternoon, with the operation set to conclude at 4pm.

It’s unclear at this stage how many horses have been killed.

Mr Johsen has called in from the back of the army base, telling Michael he’s concerned horses could be wounded and suffering.

“We think this whole action by the upper management, who seem to have allowed this to go ahead, is quite deplorable.”

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Former Nationals MP Peter Cochran has also called in, slamming the cull.

“There won’t be clean shots with every one of them,” he tells Michael.

“For anybody to suggest you can shoot off a moving platform at a moving target and get an accurate shot is absolute nonsense.

“What is going on today is nothing short of a massacre.”