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Union refusing to call off Sydney Trains strike

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Negotiations will continue this morning between Unions NSW and the government over Sydney Trains pay rises.

If the talks break down, up to 500 services could be cancelled on Thursday, before the entire network is shut down for 24 hours on Monday, January 29th.

Steve Price speaks with Unions NSW Secretary Mark Morey about the stalemate, asking who’s fault it is.

“It’s the fault of the government. What we’ve seen over the last six or seven years, is not just for rail workers but all workers in NSW, stagnant wage growth.

“We’ve seen workers doing more with less, there’ve been significant job cuts, there’s been an 11% increase in the number of people using the trains and they want some recognition for the good work they’re doing.

“We are trying to avert that strike as much as possible, we are asking for a reasonable wage offer from this government.”

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