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UK Prime Minister ‘very embarrassingly’ calls off Brexit vote

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British Prime Minister Theresa May has delayed a vote to approve the Brexit deal, after admitting she would have lost.

The British Prime Minister delivered an impassioned speech to the House of Commons, following her decision to delay the vote.

All indications were that the government would have lost the vote.

Other ministers have deemed the move as cowardly, but Mrs May is standing by her decision, in an effort to get the deal across the line.

Core Spread’s David Buik tells Ross Greenwood it’s “absolutely terrible”.

“She’s just gone hell for leather believing that this was the only deal that could possibly be acceptable to both sides.

“Unfortunately, she underestimated by a pretty considerable margin, probably between 100 to 150 votes out of 650 in the House of Parliament, that would be satisfied with this vote.

“So she’s postponed it very embarrassingly.”

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