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TV tradie Scott Cam hits back at criticism of $350k government role

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Celebrity tradie Scott Cam has hit back at criticism of his high-paying government ambassadorship promoting vocational education.

The Block host is being paid $350,000 over 18 months by the federal government to encourage young people to consider a trade instead of university.

Cam has come under fire, with some claiming taxpayers money is being wasted.

But he tells Ben Fordham the message is incredibly important.

“In about 10 years time we are going to be in trouble and that’s why I’m so passionate about this.

“I want to lend a helping hand to help my building industry because I love it so much. I’m really proud that the government asked me to help out.”

The TV tradie tells Ben he’s disappointed the message is being diluted.

“The money issue has been out there for a while now and that’s fair enough, it’s taxpayer money.

“But I don’t want this to be about me, I want to get the message across.”

Ben Fordham has defended Cam’s salary, telling listeners he could be earning a lot more making TV shows.

“He decided to do this because he thinks there is a real need at the moment in the community for more people to become tradies.”

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