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True or not?: Your home remedies put to the test

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Dr Ginni Mansberg joins Chris Smith to judge your home remedies.

SBS’s new show Medicine or Myth? investigates if there are any truths behind home remedies many Australians swear by.

Chris Smith turned to the open-line to see if our callers’ home remedies really work!

1. Shaving cream helps relieve a sunburn

Listener Bill swears it works wonders.


Dr Mansberg says there could be some truth to this!

“It would be quite soothing especially if you had it in the fridge.”

2. Urine helps get rid of blisters

Chris Smith says he heard this when he was younger.

“That’s what I was told by a cricket coach once.”

And caller Barry agrees!

VERDICT: Jury’s out on this one

Dr Mansberg: “I can’t see the theoretical reason why a wee would help with a blister but I’m open to the possibility.”

3. Sulphur and treacle cures acne

Listener Belinda says she drinks half a teaspoon of the concoction and finds her acne is gone!

“You mix it up and you leave it in the fridge.. and it is amazing… it takes like really bad but it works.”


Dr Mansberg was surprised by this one and says “generally we don’t recommend any sugar for acne.”

4. Hemorrhoid cream for baggy eyes

Caller Sharon says this works wonders.


Dr Mansberg: “It’s got caffeine in it and caffeine is just awesome for constricting the blood vessels.”

5. Apple cider vinegar gets rid of warts

Caller Alan says he has used it on his two children and put a waterproof bandage on top to seal it.

“They haven’t got it back since and it’s been a good couple of months.”


Dr Mansberg says she hasn’t seen any proof of this working but says there is some evidence around using duct tape.

6. Tea tree oil helps recurring cold sores

Caller Heather insists the oil dries out the cold sores.


Dr Mansberg says it could work for some people but warns to be cautious.

“I would patch test. Make sure you don’t get a huge reaction to it.”

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Medicine or Myth? airs at 8.30pm Mondays on SBS