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HSU promises a transparent future after ‘trifecta of thieves’ uncovered

Health Services Union NSW secretary Gerard Hayes says the organisation has had to rebuild itself for members after a difficult chapter in the union’s history.

It comes after former union heavyweight, Kathy Jackson, pleaded guilty on Monday to misappropriating funds while national secretary.

Ray said she follows a “conga line of thieves”, referencing Michael Williamson and Craig Thomson.

“It appears on face value, given recent court decisions, we have had a trifecta of thieves leading the way as the national secretary of the Health Services Union.”

Mr Hayes told Ray Hadley the organisation has been forced to rebuild.

“Our culture now is that the members have the power. And we do everything transparently to make sure the members voices are heard,” he said.

“This will sound weird, but this is the best thing that ever happened to this union, we were burnt to the ground, we had nothing but a foundation to build upon.

“We have been able to rebuild in a different way to what’s ever been done before.”

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