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Treasurer urges Australian businesses to invest locally

The Federal Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg is urging Australian Businesses to invest locally to boost productivity and keep our economy strong.

“Given the fact, there are nerves and concerns, you would excuse a lot of business leaders right now… from being a little shy, a little wary of investing too much capital in what is clearly a very volatile world,” Ross Greenwood says to Josh Frydenberg.

The treasurer agrees there is a lot of heightened volatility for businesses with uncertainty around where the escalating trade wars between the US and China will end up.

“That being said, Australian businesses know that the fundamentals of the Australian economy is strong.”

Ross Greenwood says shouldn’t changes linked to productivity start with the government?

“Ultimately aren’t decisions about energy prices… tax… wages…aren’t they really in the province of the government?”

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Image: Getty/Bloomberg