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Treasurer Scott Morrison unleashes on Greens senators

Treasurer Scott Morrison has slammed two Greens senators who mocked Christmas in a deliberate bid to anger conservative politicians.

Speaking with Chris Smith following the release of his Mid-Year-Economic and Fiscal Outlook, the Treasurer took the opportunity to call out the stunt.

Tasmanian Greens representatives Nick McKim and Peter Whish-Wilson posted this photo on Facebook of them celebrating a “Merry Non-Denominational Seasonal Festivity” with the word “Christmas” crossed out.

The reference to Eric is directed at conservative Tasmanian Liberal Eric Abetz.

Mr Morrison is also deeply religious and told Chris Smith he’s had enough of being mocked.

“I’m totally over this. Christians in Australia should not have to put up with that sort of mockery. It’s massively disrespectful and these muppets should grow up.

“They wouldn’t do it around other religious festivals, and nor should they… They should show some respect for their fellow Australians.”

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