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Treasurer claims NSW being ‘put to the side’ by federal government

The NSW Treasurer is calling on the federal government to fund more NSW infrastructure projects, claiming other states are getting a better deal.

The state government is campaigning for a fairer funding deal, urging Scott Morrison to pour funding into projects such as Sydney’s Metro West to help boost the economy.

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet says it’s unfair Queensland will receive more than double NSW’s average per capita allocation of federal infrastructure funding over the next four years.

He tells John Stanley NSW is getting a raw deal.

“Simply because we stand on our own two feet we shouldn’t be penalised by getting a lack of funding.

“For way too long here, NSW, through our reforms, through our strong financial management, is put to the side and other states who aren’t doing what we’re doing are given greater support from the government.”

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Image: Getty / Daniel Munoz