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Transport Minister says commuters WON’T get refunds

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Despite three days of chaos for Sydney’s rail commuters, Transport Minister Andrew Constance says commuters will not receive refunds.

Bad weather and an increase in train driver sickness combined to bring the new Sydney Trains timetable to a standstill.

Passengers waited for more than an hour on jam-packed railway platforms across the CBD trying to get home.

Minister Constance joined Mark Levy to explain the situation.

“Can I apologise to your listeners and those commuters. It’s been unacceptable and it’s been a mess.

“The question is now how we respond and respond quickly and, heads down tail up, I’m requiring Howard Collins (NSW Trains CEO) to get some recommendations back to me within a fortnight.

“It’s fairly obvious the network, when an incident happens, is struggling in terms of contingencies.

Levy, “Any chance people will have their Opal cards refunded given the interruptions and the problems they faced?

“Taxpayers are already subsidising the operations to the tune of 80% and, you know, I’ve got to pay staff, run services and invest 41 billion dollars in new infrastructure so it’s really hard.

“The thing is if we set that precedent now then where do we draw the line?

Levy, “If you buy a goods or service and it doesn’t work you go back to that business and they give you your money back. Why aren’t they getting their money back?”

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Transport Minister’s statement: